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Branding and Design according to HUE: 


Branding is your company’s story, but not just the chronological one. 

We see brand a lot like a personality.  Companies, like people, have a specific style, feel and charisma.  Elements that are especially theirs.  

And just like a person’s story shapes who they are, your company story tells the world who you are.

That is brand. Your specific brand is the heart beat of your company.  It is why people come to you rather than a competitor. 

Your brand tells customers of what to expect from you, how you make them feel & ultimately what makes them your customers.  It is what creates customer trust.

Design is an expression of brand. 

We get to hear from you the imagination and feel of your brand and then translate that to reality into visual elements that you need.  Design materializes the brand. 

If this sounds like magic to you, you are not alone.  The ability to partner with start ups and companies looking to clarify their story is what fuels us [that and coffee].  

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